Happy World Candle Day!

by Shabnam Monzavi

Oh Hello Friend!

 Just your friendly neighbourhood candle lady here to wish you a Happy World Candle Day! 

 Happy World Candle Day. That’s it. Have a good one. 

 Kidding kidding. 

 Shameless plug: it's also our Spring Collection launch day AND our new Candle of the Month drops today too. 

 But, I thought this little avenue would be a great chance for us to connect a bit better and if you’re new to me, or my little business, to let you know a bit about us. So I’ll jump right into it. 

 I started my candle making journey back in 2017 on my kitchen counter making candle favours for my bridal shower. Looking back on things now, I realize I was living dangerously because I was just kinda winging’ it. I could’ve definitely been gifting my pals fire hazards and not known any different. Alas. Live and learn. My friends and fam were messaging me for months after raving about my candles. And I didn’t think much of it, until a couple years down the road, when I got felt like I needed a little inspiration while feeling absolutely miserable at my mundane desk job.  

I started researching waxes, wicks and fragrances. I found inspiration for my branding (noir for life), my scents (fun fact: my original candle scent inspiration was one of our best sellers, italian spritz - inspired by my favourite cocktail the Aperol Spritz) and my business model and so, Market Candle Company was born.

Once I had mastered my formula, I got to pouring and had some fun with all my new smelling creations. I gifted them to fam and friends for testing and feedback, and with their nod of approval, I was comfortable enough to officially launch to the public. I started off with local markets in 2019 and managed to keep my biz going over the pandemmy with some serious porch pickups and a really friendly neighbourhood UPS driving picking up an absurd amount of packages from my garage door. Over the next almost 4 years, we’ve managed to grow from a soft launch opening day of 400$ in sales to being in over 100 stores across Canada and the US, a 2600 square foot production and order fulfillment facility with a small showroom for you to shop in person, and a team of 5 gals that help me run the day to day!

I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty of my business nonsense, but I did want to share a few bits about my candles and why I’m proud of them!

1.) They’re made with a pure soy wax. I experimented with a bunch of different wax brands and blends, but ultimately I landed on a pure soy wax. No additives or botanicals (not knocking any other brands!) - bonus! They burn slow, low and really soft and subtle on the fragrance. It’s definitely not meant to blast your whole home with fragrance - and if you think about it, if something can do that, do you really want to be huffing all of that into your bod?

2.) We only use extremely high quality, perfume grade fine fragrance oils. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and Ouuuu CHILD, does that ever stand true. Our fragrances are paraben and phthalate free - those two are probably the biggest culprits in the fragrance industry and the likely cause of your fragrance sensitivity symptoms - headaches, nausea, etc. One of my favourite pieces of feedbacks to receive is “my partner usually hates my scented candles but they really like yours!”.

3.) Our vessels are glass and reusable as heck! Our wax is water soluble so once you’re done enjoying your candle (or if you have an unfortunate spill lol), you can remove the excess wax, wick, give it a good soapy wash with hot water and you can reuse the jar for food / knick knacks / storage / spices - whatever makes you happy! Pro Tip: makes for the perfect chia seed pudding or overnight oats container. 

4.)  We handmade all our fragrance products (cuz we make more than candles) in house, in small batches. We try to always keep everything in stock, but once in awhile we drag a bit. I’m ok with it, it’s the nature of a small, handmade business. I still hand sew our car diffuser balls on my couch while I watch my baby. Haven’t found a way to streamline it yet, and that’s ok! It’s the beauty of shopping small ! Plus my husband loves finding bits of thread stuck to everything - yep. He sure does…. :/

 We’ve got so much planned for this year. We finally got to host our first workshops after postponing our initial round that were booked in early 2020 *womp womp* and we love our friends at Vince’s Markets for hosting us. We’ll definitely be doing more so stay tuned! We’ve got some pretty awesome partnerships and collars locked in. We’ll be launching new scents, new loyalty programs and rewards and we’ve kicked off our Candle of the Month program which is doing so well!

Overall, I’m just really proud of how far a little wax and wick has gotten me in life, in my community and in learning how to run a business. I’m proud of the quality of the product, the team and space I’ve built and the village of amazingly loyal humans that continue to support my candle dreams every day. 

And I’m exceptionally grateful that I get to contribute to my local economy and create a high quality, handmade product right here in Newmarket, Ontario. 

 So. Now you know a bit about a product and Market Candle Company. And I hope you feel great knowing by shopping my products you’re supporting my biz and my dreams. 


If you made it this far, you have the patience of a saint. I can’t wait to share more with you so soon, but now, on this fine World Candle Day, go ahead, spark up your fave boujie, and enjoy! 


Till next time,